Being in the southern hemisphere, the region experiences winter and summer at opposite times to Europe and North America. The reserve lies in a summer rainfall area, so summer corresponds with the wet season and winter with the dry season. The region has a sub-tropical climate. The wet summer months (October to April) are hot and humid. Dry winters (May to September) are pleasantly warm, but mid-winter can be quite cold.


There is very little rainfall in winter, but there might be the occasional shower due to the proximity to the coast. The heat is less oppressive than summer, and skies are usually cloudless.

MAY: The end of summer means that it rains less and the humidity drops.  It  is  cooling  down,  and  the  average temperatures are 13°C/55°F in the morning and 24°C/75°F in the afternoon.

JUNE, JULY & AUGUST: Afternoons are pleasant with temperatures around 23°C/73°F, but this drops to 11°C/52°F at night. Cold mornings should be expected. It is advisable to bring warm clothing.

SEPTEMBER: This month brings  the  spring  season.  Temperatures rise  gradually,  and  the  average  daytime temperature is 25°C/77°F. Mornings are less cold with temperatures around 14°C/57°F. It will start raining now with a few thundershowers, which occur mainly in the afternoon.


In summer one can expect to experience high temperatures, along with increased humidity levels. Summer is Zululand’s rainy season therefore one can expect heavy occasional thunderstorms in the afternoons. Which, in the bush, is quite a spectacle to witness.

OCTOBER & NOVEMBER: Temperatures are between 16°C/61°F in the morning and 26°C/79°F in the afternoon. Being the start of Summer, rainfall is expected on some days – we supply warm, protective rain ponchos on game drives if this is the case.

DECEMBER, JANUARY & FEBRUARY: These months tend to be quite hot  and  humid  with  beautiful  thunderstorms  some afternoons. The average temperature in the afternoon is 29°C/84°F, but peak temperatures are a lot higher. Early morning temperatures average 19°C/66°F.

MARCH & APRIL: It cools down, and temperatures are around 27°C/81°F in the afternoon. Rain is expected less and the humidity decreases. Mornings aren’t very cold at 17°C/63°F.


  • reservations are subject to availability.
  • must be made in writing to:
  • are only valid once Bayete Zulu Lodges confirms the reservation in writing, and may in addition thereto, in its sole discretion require payment of the stipulated deposit.
  • amendments or cancellations are valid only if confirmed in writing by Bayete Zulu Lodges.


  • are inclusive of VAT at 15% and will be adjusted accordingly on amendment of the standard rate as determined by SARS
  • are quoted in South African Rands
  • are subject to availability and may be amended without prior notice (rates quoted for confirmed bookings will be honoured)


 On confirmation of a reservation:

  • a deposit of 25% of the invoiced rate is payable within 14 days of confirmation of the reservation to secure your booking.
  • full payment of the invoiced rate must be made 30 days prior to arrival.
  • where a reservation is confirmed less than 14 days prior to arrival, a deposit of 50% of the invoiced rate must be paid within 48 hours of confirmation to secure your reservation, and full payment must be made prior to your arrival.

 All reservations are subject to cancellation penalties as follows:

  • cancellations made:
    • 8 weeks or more prior to arrival – 25% of the invoiced rate will be forfeited.
    • less than 8 weeks prior to arrival – 50% of the invoiced rate will be forfeited.
    • less than 4 weeks prior to arrival – 100% of the invoiced rate will be forfeited.
  • invoiced rates are on a per person per night basis and the above cancellation penalties will apply accordingly to group bookings and cancellations or no-shows.


Are listed on each individual accommodation page.


  • Children of all ages are welcome
  • Children under 3 years – stay free of charge
  • Children 3 – 12 years – pay 50% of adult rate

BAYETE PRIVATE – If the Lodge is not booked exclusively, families with children under 12 must book a private vehicle. All children are welcome on game drives, but it will be under the guides discretion regarding sensitivity of sightings and guest safety. Please contact reservations for the cost of this,

ROOMS FOR FAMILIES – Maximum two adults and one child on a single bed or one cot. Parents with children older than 12 would  need to split into two rooms.


Check In: 14h00.

Check Out: 10h00.


Tap water is pumped from a borehole which is safe to drink. We also provide Reverse Osmosis water in a 25 litre container. However, you may wish to bring your own bottled water (preferably in glass).



  • Sun hat, sunglasses and sunblock
  • Cameras (with plenty memory cards and a charger) and binoculars
  • Light, neutral coloured comfortable clothing
  • Layered clothing advisable for game drives
  • Bathing suit
  • Pool towels
  • Warm jersey or fleece
  • Wind breaker
  • Warm jacket and scarf, gloves and beanie for the cold winter months (May – Sep)
  • Light rain gear for summer months
  • Insect repellent
  • Head torch / torch

SELF CATERING GUESTS: Remember to pack snacks and drinks for game drives!


  • Laundry available at an additional cost.


 –          No standing on the game vehicle

–          Mobile phones only to be used for photos

–          No smoking during the drive


We do have a wet route to travel on during wet weather, but during and after a heavy downfall the roads will be closed to all game drives to protect the reserve.


Please note that we can accommodate a maximum of 10 people per game vehicle. Should your party be larger than 16 adults and 4 children (2 vehicles) and you wish to book a 3rd vehicle (at an additional cost), this would need to be booked in advance and would be subject to availability. To organize any additional vehicle, do so through


Closest Airport : King Shaka International

Airport (Durban) – ± 2.5 to 3 hours (276km)

Flights into  King  Shaka : Emirates, Qatar, BA, SAA, Airlink.


Bayete Zulu  is  a  2.5 –  to  3-hour  drive from           King     Shaka

International Airport – Durban.                    

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RESERVATIONS: Chantelle Lee                      

GENERAL MANAGER: Craig Lee                     

BAYETE ZULU PRIVATE: Louise Isaacs                       

LITTLE BAYETE ZULU: Shona Lawson